The benefits of morning exercise!
About the benefits of morning exercises said a lot. Moreover, the mind is understood by many, but in the end doing morning exercises. Most often the main reason for its…

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We invite you to visit Jogging workout Supercharge your run - Other
Since August 9, Kyiv half marathon launches series of preparatory training for the half marathon - "Charge on the run"! Every Saturday at 8:45 a.m. profesional trainers Kyiv half marathon…

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Nordic walking with sticks in SPb

Modern profesion often asociated with mental activity, not physical. This suggests that almost every one of us is sorely lacking activity. And without it very quickly gaining weight, and increased susceptibility of the organism to various diseases. So to all those who wish to have good health and a beautiful toned body without exercise can not do. This, of course, is not about the grueling hours of training.

To get the satisfaction and benefit at the same time will help Nordic walking . In comparison with the normal walk this species has one very important advantage – the weight of the body through the poles is

distributed differently, and therefore, work very different muscles. Just 60 minutes of Nordic walking in our fitnes center give excellent results: burned 300 calories, straighter posture, strengthens joints and spine. When this exercise is more like not a sports activity, a normal walk, only with sticks.

Increased loads will allow you to burn up to 700 calories. Here are some little tricks: increase the width of the pitch and amplitude of arm movements, walking on snow, sand, inclusion in the route climbs and descents. My back will get stronger, you can increase the load by using a 5-pound backpack.

Pull up the “floated” the body or even to return him to the symmetry of the force under the so-called interval training. Moreover, in the shortest posible time. This requires two weeks to walk with sticks for half an hour daily. And not to just go, but to stick to the following scheme: 5 minutes easy walk, 3 minute maximum intensity.

We invite you to visit our fitnes center, Sport Palace, located on Krestovsky island. The schedule of Nordic walking with sticks you can find in the site Schedule .