Cosack saved workout. Cosack Saved Kind Palevyh
(1st seminar in Troitsk). Vladimir Nikolaevich Ambasador received and retained heritage from a kind of centuries-long tradition of unarmed combat "Cosack Saved". Studio Prince island" offers You two training course…

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Proper rest after a workout - Street Workout
Proper recovery after exercise has a huge impact on your training results. It is for this reason that the rest period is the most crucial part of a properly structured…

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Nordic walking is gaining popularity in HLW

Nordic walking is becoming increasingly popular among residents of East JSC. It is a form of physical activity that uses a particular teaching methods and technique of walking using specially designed poles.

Nordic walking is a complex natural loads for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of muscle tone, substantially improves the heart and lungs, promotes the development of coordination and balance. In addition, it is an effective form of exercise for athletes who need constant workout and cardiovascular system.

The first section, organized by the regional Center of physical culture and sports. Today it involves dozens of people, and the number of fans continues to grow.

Nordic walking does not have any age restrictions, but is especially popular in the elderly. Its development in the territory of HLW is facilitated by the presence of a large number of natural parks and recreational areas, where clases are held.

Clases for all categories of citizens are conducted on a Pro Bono basis, the necesary sports equipment is also free.