How to love fitnes and not to quit his Weekly newspaper the boomerang. Novosibirsk
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How to increase strength without reducing the strength and mas
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How to soothe the vestibular system, how to breathe while running and how to stop a bloody nose

Entertaining medicine

Stop the world!

If you binge drink, and feel the ground beneath your feet, put his hand on some rigid stationary surface such as a window sill or table. By increasing the concentration of alcohol in the blood part of it goes into a particular organ of the inner ear responsible for the sense of balance – the

vestibular system. The brain is a los due to the deterioration of the quality of information coming from the vestibular apparatus, and starts to work poorly, and people at this time feels like it’s on the swings and the ship during the storm. Is to rest the hand on a hard stable surface, and the brain “switch” to the channel information, then it will be much easier to keep his balance.

On hand are a large number of receptors, so the method is very effective.

Breathe correctly

While running, most people exhale simultaneously touching the ground with the right foot. This decreases presure in the liver (which, as you know, is to the right), and then to unpleasant pain in my side. What to do to not be stabbed in the side while running? Exhale simultaneously touch the ground and the left leg!

Bleeding from the nose

As a quick way to stop bleeding from the nose, beneath the upper lip (just behind the dimple on her) piece of cotton wool and push it. The bleeding should quickly cease. This happens due to the fact that the main part flowing from the nose blood comes out of the nasal septum, and the presure in the above region constricts the blood vesels, stopping the bleeding.