How to overcome antipathy towards sports training.
No reasonable person will say that it is a pleasure to get up when alarm rings at half past five in the morning and go home in the rain and…

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How to increase strength without reducing the strength and mas
Endurance is one of the physical qualities that you want to the representatives of different sports. Together with the power it's absolutely esential boxers, karatekas, judokas and even bodybuilders, because…

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Sergey Aleksandrov – preparation for international competitions in Alpine skiing

BF “FULCRUM” opens the collection of funds for compensation Sergey Alexandrov – champion of St. Petersburg in Alpine skiing – charge to participate in competitions in Alpine skiing in Kirovsk (Murom region), which are included in the program of preparation for rating international competitions in Austria. You must collect 30 000 rubles for payment of fees and residence of the athlete.

Sergei Alexandrov childhood pasion for sports as a teenager he

participated in numerous youth competitions in sport tourism. Over time, these Hobbies have grown into extreme ski touring and mountaineering limit of complexity.

In 2009, making training climbing Elbrus, he slipped and fell, receiving multiple injuries and frostbite of the feet, which ultimately led to their amputation. But sports quenching Sergei’t let him lose heart: “Thank God, alive!” And at the moment he is a bronze medalist of St. Petersburg powerlifting persons with HEARTH, double champion of St. Petersburg in Alpine skiing, also engaged in athletics on a special cros-country prostheses, and in 2013 became the Master of sports of Alpine skiing.

Unfortunately, to participate at the Paralympics in Sochi Sergey lacked only a few points, so today all his strength he spends on training, already leading the scoring for future Paralympic games. Championship Alpine skiing in Kirovsk (Murmansk region) is a mandatory program of preparation for rating international competitions in Austria, where Sergey is planning to occupy a place of honor and gain ranking points. For payment of fees and accommodation athlete needs 30 000.

Support Sergey via the crowdfunding platform Fund 4 start and help him overcome the preparations for the international rating competitions.