After exercise, you need simple carbohydrates - Physiology
After actively playing sports, you need to recover your spent muscles of glycogen, which is the main reserve carbohydrate, located mostly in our muscles. Spent muscle glycogen begins with a…

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Sprouted grain - useful properties and features of the germination
Wheat germ is an amazing live food Today, few people do not know about the benefits of Wheatgras, those who use it regularly, talk about the improvement of health and…

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Cycle. The toughest thing I’ve ever visited )

Just want to describe my experience of visiting sesions of Cycling. To get like a long time, but as they say, all hands did not reach.

And here is the decisive day. I sit on the bike, start pedaling and on the 3rd minute to realize that I will die. ))) Comes the realization that to pedal me another 45 minutes. 10 minute legs start to numb and reduce (not arguing, posibly the first time I’m not all movements are done correctly, because even more tired), I foolishly stop and sit my as on the seat. After a minute of rest, I realized I shouldn’t have to do it categorically. It was posible to reduce the pace to hang on the steering wheel, but not

to sit and stay…After I again began twisting legs were just wooden. An indescribable feeling. About the same thing probably happens at soldiers, who after days of wearing crushing tarpaulin boots take them off for 10 minutes rest and then can’t put back. Before again I «unwound» legs, several minutes pased. The 25 minute clases already addicted and no longer so acutely feel its not worth it in terms of pedaling ))

By the end of the sesion, I was wet like after swimming (and I don’t usually sweat in the clasroom, even on the most active, type step). I drank a whole bottle of water. The heart rate was through the roof. When I got up from my cycle, my feet were crippled and they refused to straighten. I was falling. And there have been squats with dumbbells… My first time freed from this obligation

As a result: I loved it! It seems to me as a slimming clases indoor Cycling — that’s it! Plus I need to swap it foot, cycle also contributes to it. Will definitely go again, although my legs hurt for 3 days )) would have Gone sooner, but don’t have time