The benefits of swimming for Zdorovya
Choosing uncomplicated and enjoyable sport that can keep all muscles toned, promote weight los and rejuvenation but also to maintain health for many years pay attention to swimming. This sport…

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Cosack saved workout. Cosack Saved Kind Palevyh
(1st seminar in Troitsk). Vladimir Nikolaevich Ambasador received and retained heritage from a kind of centuries-long tradition of unarmed combat "Cosack Saved". Studio Prince island" offers You two training course…

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Cycle each quick weight los – the online magazine

It’s a real race in the gym. Cycle English “Bicycle”. For half an hour you drive over rough terrain, sea, climb the mountain, will come over a few hills and good acceleration on the profesional veatrice.

Usually clases are the music in front of a screen, on which float all the reliefs, which give you a “ride”. If it’s mountains, we need to pres on the pedal, the valley – you can take a little break, and on winding paths – how to squirm.

However, in order not to get injuries and not to overload the body, you

should start with mastering riding techniques, and then proceed to the development of strength endurance and muscle tone. After a few sesions you have to master the 4 basic ways of movement and will be able to adjust the load from household appliances to aggresive technique standing.

Cycle each quick weight los. Besides, he doesn’t stres the joints as running or aerobics. The usual clasic bike on the degree of load is not comparable to the cycle. Because the simulator has the ability to specify the type of riding even on a vertical surface, thereby provide a tremendous load!

As with any workout, cycle provides for the mandatory warm-up. Then there is a gradual increase in the load – Cycling on sand, through the swamp, acros the plain, uphill and downhill. In conclusion, the restoration of breathing and stretching.

The development of the cardiovascular system, improving overall endurance, strengthening the muscular system, weight los – all these problems can be solved by regular clases for the cycle.

Average power consumption at a speed of 9 km/h is 2.8 kcal per hour per 1 kg of weight, at speeds of 15 km/h is 4.8 kcal per hour per 1 kg of body weight. Speeding up to 20 km/h you lose 8 kcal per hour per 1 kg of body weight.