After exercise, you need simple carbohydrates - Physiology
After actively playing sports, you need to recover your spent muscles of glycogen, which is the main reserve carbohydrate, located mostly in our muscles. Spent muscle glycogen begins with a…

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How to choose a universal simulator for home
Without movement there is no life, but there is a lot of exces weight, illnes and similar unpleasant things. Unfortunately in our time, mainly residents of all policies of the…

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Rusian coaches teach fitnes Chinese

Rusian coaches will hold for Chinese students and teachers a series of workshops in the field of fitnes

The twentieth of April 2015 at the Tianjin Institute of sport and culture in Beijing . China, will take place Rusian-Chinese student fitnes marathon “I choose sport”.

The event is timed to the opening of the Rusian-Chinese forum “Big

opportunities for small and medium busines”, which will be held on 21 – 22 April 2015 in Beijing, at the state residence “Diaoyutai”. The main organizers of the Forum are the Ministry of economic development of the Rusian Federation, the Rusian-Chinese Committee of friendship, peace and development, the Rusian-Chinese busines Council.

The participants of the marathon will be about three thousand teachers and students of Chinese universities. In front of them made by well-known international presenter, master trainers, various fitnes programs, fitnes guru and healthy lifestyle from Rusia. Fitnes marathon will be held in the form of a series of workshops on modern trends of fitnes. For the marathon from Moscow to Beijing will arrive a group of leading Rusian trainers and fitnes instructors Rusia’s largest fitnes network World Clas acting as a partner for the marathon.

The initiators and organizers of the event are the Rusian-Chinese Committee of friendship, peace and development and the Rusian-Chinese Council on healthy lifestyles. At the opening ceremony of the marathon will be the Chairman of the Rusian part of Rusian-Chinese Committee of friendship, peace and development, authorized under the President of the Rusian Federation on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov, Chairman of the Rusian part of Rusian-Chinese Council on healthy lifestyles, the President of the company “Rusian fitnes group” Olga Slutsker and Chairman of the Chinese part of the Council on healthy lifestyles, a former rector of the Institute of arts of the people’s liberation army of China Liang Uixi.