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Why all write that the angle between the elbow and body and should be 90-110 degrees? Because otherwise the run will hurt the shoulders, and when running the extra load…

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How to prepare skis for competitions and trainings – Equipment – Ski equipment

This article I’m addresing primarily to Amateur sportsmen who can play in Amateur competitions and train slalom on the slopes. Many of you probably already knew that to give in service – it’s expensive and not exactly what you need. Yes and ski “burn” for a few of such services. This rule, however, there is an exception, but it is a little later.

So, if your hands are growing from at least approximately the right places, let’s start.

Here it is necesary not to overdo it with the deflection of a file, otherwise flunk Kant-side sliding surface is not at an acceptable (though not required) 0.5 – 1 deg. and more that will adversely affect the ability of the skis to keep on ice. We must understand that the softer (thinner) file, the smaller and closer to the edges of the skis got put any presure on him. Indirect indicator of the correctnes of the effort and its applications is a uniform material removal rate acros the entire width of Kant and lightly touched the sliding surface. If it is clear that first clearly shone only the edges of edges, then You perelavlivaet file, and either need to push weaker, or hand move closer, or take a file harder.

If there are DEEP scratches and gouges on the sliding surface will try to seal using special candles (sold in ski shops). Candle is better to use transparent to all colors sliding surface, except for black, for black black. Ignite the candle and, holding it over the scratch, as close as posible to the surface to warm the plastic flame skis, dripping with exces on the damaged place. Similarly, closed up all the damaged places.