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Since August 9, Kyiv half marathon launches series of preparatory training for the half marathon - "Charge on the run"! Every Saturday at 8:45 a.m. profesional trainers Kyiv half marathon…

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Cycle each quick weight los - the online magazine
It's a real race in the gym. Cycle English "Bicycle". For half an hour you drive over rough terrain, sea, climb the mountain, will come over a few hills and…

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How to breathe correctly when Behe

Why all write that the angle between the elbow and body and should be 90-110 degrees? Because otherwise the run will hurt the shoulders, and when running the extra load will be quite out of place. This is the first that is not written in these articles. Second: if to breathe is to inhale through the mouth, an untrained person can catch a cold, and breathing through the mouth is much safer.

By the way, I’m a second year running for several kilometers and for such breathing: for every 2 steps inhale. the following 2 steps exhale. Although you can probably figure out a breath and poeffektivnee

I contract serviceman I think this is good advice but not all advice is accurate because not all people the same breath. When running the breath itself is gaining its pace.

Start Jogging from the short distances,no more than 5 km away. the Body should be tilted slightly forward,to keep pace NECEsARILY identical,otherwise you will quickly get tired and running soon will disgust you.

About the breathing for 7 years Jogging is best approached scheme-2 breaths(the first is shallow,the second deeper)and one exhale..if you are tired,then 2 breaths(again, first shallow,the second deeper) and 2 exhale..for me this is the ideal of breath))so I advise all of you))

about time running prefer the evening because running regularly,and in the morning,sure,not everyone wants to run..))sleep still want))

About the music-a matter of taste))

hands while running is better to bend at a right angle,and sharp,they will move by inertia for yourself)) I still always on the right hand wearing a wrist brace,I don’t know why,but running gets a little easier)))

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