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Warm up before running. Okonchaniyam to health

Run to the health of a Warm up before a run — 3

Runner, warming up over a long period of time, no advantage from the point of view of physiology in front of colleagues, spending on workout no more than 15 minutes, does not receive.

The exception are the cases when the runner is easily excitable and only the movement of his soothes in anticipation of the upcoming launch. In such a case, this runner is better to keep moving.

And another excerpt:

If an athlete is tough, that extra minute workout will not harm him. When did the lover run ahead of the competition in long cros-country or even in the marathon, much more important is the conservation of energy.

To better understand why you need a warm-up, first of all, understand for themselves how they change your body in preparation for intense and substantial exercise.

Warm up before running is one of the most important components of any workout. You should never abandon it, or run the latest «slipshod». Develop your own technique that I would have used the main group of joints and muscles, and use it!

Warm up for 10-15 minutes will raise your body temperature to 39 degrees. This indicator is most appropriate for physical activity.

If you are to achieve this level need more time, continue the workout. Only you can determine your readines for exercise.

If you notice that your workout is boring and fairly simple, complicate it! Only improvising, you will be able to understand what workout gives you the same pleasure as the actual training.

Video — running aerobic and anaerobic:

We will talk with you about such an important element of training as a warm-up.

With all sincerity to you, my readers, the author of the blog Running to the health