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How to breathe correctly when Behe

The ability to organize your breathing while running is very important. Proper breathing is a science. Also taken a lot depends on the pace and distance. Usually at the start before a race at the short track sportime breathe in and out deeply for about a minute. The command “On your marks!” — 3 breath the entire breast, “Attention!” — inhale and exhale deeply. When running short breathing alternates with deep inhales and exhales, and long-distance for every, for example, 3 steps to inhale and exhale. So it will be easier to keep on till the end of the race. You are also required to distribute the power that also affects breathing.

Generally when running all breathe differently:

• take a breath a nose, a mouth;

• inhale-exhale through the mouth;

• inhale-exhale nose;

• inhale nose, exhale mouth.

Profesional athletes breathe deeply, start breathing shallow and short. The main thing is to systematize breath and localize it, i.e. to breathe through the diaphragm, or the lower part of the abdomen. A deep breath, inflating the stomach and slowly release it is better to practice on walking or Jogging. As for the breathing techniques, you can pick and choose right: mouth separately, separately, nose, or nose and mouth alternately. Someone fit this tactic: to breathe in the rhythm of running. For example, the relaxed pace, the breath is calm, the breath – one, two, three, four, exhale one, two, three, four. As speed increases, breath – one, two, three, exhale one, two, three. The main thing with this method to synchronize the breath with the movements.


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