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Warm up on rebate

The work of the employee is not so easy as it may seem. Not everyone is able to continuously sit in a chair for 8 — 12 hours a day and look at the monitor. This lifestyle can seriously harm your health.

What to do if you are an office worker? How to anticipate and prevent “occupational disease”? The answer is simple – small workout on the job will save and will facilitate your situation.

Feel free to do a couple of exercises, believe me, none of your colleagues will not condemn you, and maybe even someone will join you.

So, here are the main exercises that can help you:

Stretch out your arms in front of him and slowly stretch forward. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times;

Make circular movements of the shoulders, first alternately and then together;

Then move on to the circular movements of the hands. Then bend and straighten the fingers. Repeat 5 — 10 times;

Mash the neck. To do this, tilt your head back and forth, and then to the right and left;

Relax your feet and move on to the workout: slow smooth movements move the foot from toe to heel and back (first socks touch the floor, then the heels and Vice versa).

Straighten your legs, alternately every bend and draws it onto the body, so far as it allows you to make your workplace;

In addition take care of eye health. Sit straight, relax and close your eyes. Stay in this position for a few moments. Then masage the eyelids in a circular motion. So you remove the tension from the eyes.

Now you can with new forces begin to work. Try to do workout every 2 — 3 hours. So you will feel much better and remain cheerful even at the end of the working day.