Correct running technique on a treadmill.
Master - Clases on the treadmill - Proper running technique on a treadmill Exactly how are you moving on the treadmill - is of great importance . Suffice it to…

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How to choose an elliptical trainer for home
Elliptical machine — a simulator that combines the two sports equipment: stepper. giving a simulated walk up the stairs, and Jogging track . Types of elliptical exercise machines There are…

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How to choose an elliptical trainer that you need to pay attention to when choosing

It is always difficult to choose what does not understand – that’s why I will tell You that you need to pay attention to when choosing elliptical trainer.

Flywheel mas.

A flywheel is a rotating element in the form of a disk, which is responsible for creating resistance when you rotate the pedals. From this parameter depends primarily on the smoothnes of the pedals of the

simulator, therefore, the heavier the flywheel, the more real sense of movement and better simulates natural presures during exercise. But! If large flywheel lightweight frame is present, all the “real” sense of distance is lost, so it should be remembered that the weight of the flywheel and the frame should be balanced. You should also know that for people of average physique should choose a flywheel weighing 5 to 10 pounds, and men and boys from 8 pounds and above.

The position of the flywheel relative to the user.

Elliptical trainers can have front or rear of the flywheel. The front-mounted flywheel (FWD) more suitable for people with high growth, as they allow not to bump knees on the frame of the exerciser during exercise. This kind of trainer is ideal for people with growth from 180 and above.

Rear flywheel (rear)fits most and are no different from front-wheel simulators, with the exception that the rear-drive recreates the same trajectory, what usually happens when running with a slight slope forward. Therefore, elliptical exercise machines of this type are usually fitted with a special platform for the feet. It gives more room for movement and allows you to change the position of the body during the workout.

An example of aerobic exercise on a treadmill for beginners
Beginners always easy to find out from the mas of visitors gyms. They look confused and looking for a lifeline simulator, on which no clear instructions what to do —…


Rusian coaches teach fitnes Chinese
Rusian coaches will hold for Chinese students and teachers a series of workshops in the field of fitnes The twentieth of April 2015 at the Tianjin Institute of sport and…

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