Nordic walking with sticks in SPb
Modern profesion often asociated with mental activity, not physical. This suggests that almost every one of us is sorely lacking activity. And without it very quickly gaining weight, and increased…

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Sprouted grain - useful properties and features of the germination
Wheat germ is an amazing live food Today, few people do not know about the benefits of Wheatgras, those who use it regularly, talk about the improvement of health and…

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How to choose an elliptical trainer for home

Elliptical machine — a simulator that combines the two sports equipment: stepper. giving a simulated walk up the stairs, and Jogging track .

Types of elliptical exercise machines

There are several types of elliptical trainers:




Mechanical simulators have a more affordable price, since it requires no additional energy source, but they are les popular model due to the lack of smoothnes and lack of capacity-metered load.

Magnetic trainers allow for a smooth ride, thanks to the use of the magnet as a natural brake. These simulators have the ability to manually adjust the degree of stres.

Electromagnetic simulators are high and the load on them is regulated by email.

The choice of elliptical trainer

An elliptical trainer has several aspects that need to pay attention when it is selected.

Weight training is important. Need to know what weight limits for example when using a sports device.

You need to decide how often you will work in this sports machine. If a person plans to do it five or more times per week, then the question arises on the acquisition of simulator for medium preparation. In that case, if such preference is not, then suitable simulator for the ordinary degree of preparation.

If space at home is not posible to use an elliptical trainer is an impresive size, it is necesary to choose more compact size, or choose a model that is able to emerge.