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We invite you to visit Jogging workout Supercharge your run – Other

Since August 9, Kyiv half marathon launches series of preparatory training for the half marathon – “Charge on the run”!

Every Saturday at 8:45 a.m. profesional trainers Kyiv half marathon will have to wait for all runners to joint training and communication. That would have been interesting, the organizers specially amounted to seven unusual cros-country trails in the picturesque places of Kiev.

During training, everyone will get qualified answers to your questions about running, but can also win valuable prizes from adidas!

Among those who will attend a minimum of 6 training 7 will be played 20 shirts and 10 caps adidas, and among the runners who do not mis a SINGLE to 3 pairs of running shoes adidas boost!

And that’s not all! Training will be posible to communicate with the ambasadors of the Marathon – a succesful and famous people, figures of culture, sports and artists.

In the first training sesion will be attended by Igor where – known Ukrainian TV presenter and showman.

Charge your ​​running and supercharge your energy!

First practice “Charge your ​​running” will be held August 9 at 8:45 near the monument to the Magdeburg rights (Naberezhne shose, 6, metro «Postal area”).


Andrew Stomper – the master of sports of international clas, winner of the marathon in Philadelphia, Duseldorf, Moscow. Party marathons in new York, Boston and London.

Alexander Azarov – the master of sports, champion of Ukraine among the youth in the half marathon. The winner of numerous competitions in Europe.


28 September 2014 will be held on 4-th Kyiv half marathon. This time the half marathon consists of 7 races:

21,0975 km (half marathon)

21,0975 km (relay: 3×5 km + 1×6,0975 km)

21, 0975 km (team race: h,0975 km)

10 km

5 km

1 km (Junior race)

300 m (children’s race)

For the first time in the program in Kyiv half marathon races will take place skaters and competitions for Nordic walking.


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