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Proper rest after a workout – Street Workout

Proper recovery after exercise has a huge impact on your training results.

It is for this reason that the rest period is the most crucial part of a properly structured training programme.

Unfortunately, many beginners pay great attention to the performance of certain exercises, and have a good rest after school forget. And if you want to understand any question, you must visit the online edition of Chip Ru. where you can find a lot of useful information.

What is the significance of the recovery period?

Human muscles need to rest, as in the case of a serious burden muscle tisue receives a huge amount of micro and loses its supply of glycogen – glucose which it needs for power.

The recovery period can take from one to two days. This is why profesional athletes are not taxing the same muscle groups for two consecutive days.

How you can quickly regain strength after exercise?

To prevent overtraining. Proper planning practice is the surest way to a speedy recovery. Too much presure and lack of rest can reduce the effectivenes of physical activity and inhibit the desired result.

Cool. Hitch or cooling is the reduction of the training pace, but not a complete stop. We need to keep moving with minimal intensity for five to ten minutes. This will help to flush lactic acid from the muscle tisue and relieve tension.

It is important to remember that warming up and cooling is a very important phase of training in low temperatures. It is very important, if every day you do a few clases.

After an intense workout you need to do stretching exercises.