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The benefits of swimming in Basani
Swimming in the pool for body and soul. Everyone knows that sport affects not only physical, but also moral. Well, when you can choose one or another type of sport…

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How to run to pohudet

Interval running

If there is no free time for Jogging and fat burning and really want to lose weight, there is a variant of interval running. This race will not suit you if you smoke or have problems with the heart and blood vesels. On the lungs and circulatory system with interval running places a tremendous burden, but the results are worth it.

Interval running is called training with maximal loads and rest periods. Usually done it this way – the first hundred meters pased the active step, stretching the muscles, ligaments and increasing blood flow to them. Then the next hundred meters need to run jog, adjusting the breath, in the next

you run 100 meters sprint, at the highest posible rate and with full gear, after the sprint back to Jogging and restore breathing, resting. Then begin the cycle again.

With interval running in the human body happen in a special physiological proceses – hundred-meter short-distance running spends a tremendous amount of calories, so this distance is provided by energy from breaking down the liver glycogen. Then, advance to a step, the liver tries due to the breakdown of fats to replenish glycogen and readily available carbohydrates – fats to go.

In addition, sprint activates the flow of blood to the muscles, therefore, begins to increase fat oxidation with the release of energy – it is stored in the form of carbohydrates. After 20-30 minutes of exercise you will be squeezed out, and the fat will actively be burned. Moreover, there is evidence that after such short-distance workout fat is burned for about 6 hours, and muscle mas when such training is not dried.

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