Nordic walking is gaining popularity in HLW
Nordic walking is becoming increasingly popular among residents of East JSC. It is a form of physical activity that uses a particular teaching methods and technique of walking using specially…

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An example of aerobic exercise on a treadmill for beginners
Beginners always easy to find out from the mas of visitors gyms. They look confused and looking for a lifeline simulator, on which no clear instructions what to do —…

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Correct running technique on a treadmill.

Master – Clases on the treadmill – Proper running technique on a treadmill

Exactly how are you moving on the treadmill – is of great importance . Suffice it to say that proper running technique:

to avoid injuries;

improves workout results;

gives more pleasure clases.

Therefore, to learn to run correctly, no errors should almost everyone who is going to seriously use the simulator.

The best way to learn is, of course, run under the guidance of an experienced coach. He can “put” you a technique, based on the individual characteristics and demands of the organism. However, try to give some guidance here.

Three types of exercises on a treadmill

This video from fitnes trainer Lev Goncharov . Carefully observe the movement of the legs during three different ways to move. Pay special attention to how the foot is placed on the canvas.

How to put the leg while running: on the heel or toe?

And in this video from you can hear (and see) detailed recommendations on the same isue, here they are given special attention. After watching the video, have someone watch from the side how your movements correspond to exemplary. Also a very important element of creating your own, well appropriate technology is the monitoring of wellbeing and sensations. Discomfort, even some pain can attest to the fact that the rhythm or dynamics of the movements incorrectly selected.

Additional recommendations

Important article on the proper and safe training

What should be the heartbeat in training? Heart rate is an extremely important element of effective practice, it is important to keep it within the limits to prevent overload of the heart.

Who is not allowed to run? The list of contraindications.

The most important rule of practice. Be sure to follow!