The benefits of swimming in Basani
Swimming in the pool for body and soul. Everyone knows that sport affects not only physical, but also moral. Well, when you can choose one or another type of sport…

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Rusian coaches teach fitnes Chinese
Rusian coaches will hold for Chinese students and teachers a series of workshops in the field of fitnes The twentieth of April 2015 at the Tianjin Institute of sport and…

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How to love fitnes and not to quit his Weekly newspaper the boomerang. Novosibirsk

You enrolled in a fitnes club, but never pases a couple of months, how do You give up and stop exercising regularly, if not entirely abandon clases. How to make so that the sport has become an integral part of Your life?

1. Do not overreach . The main task at first – develop the habit of going to the gym, to teach the body to regular physical activity.

2. Don’t grab it all at once . The lasting lesons of the first days will bring You only fatigue, bouts of lazines and nagging pain in the muscles. It is better to start with small loads, gradually increasing. In this approach, the results are excellent, and the wish to do not disappear.

3. Divide the clas into several stages. Take the time to warm-up, main part, cardio and stretching. Strength training increases the presure and stretching lowers. With an equal ratio will not be excesive stres on the cardiovascular system.

4. To properly evaluate the results. Don’t wait for of weight los per kilogram even after the first leson! Remember that the result will appear not earlier than after 2-3 months of regular training. Muscles are heavier than fat, so at first the weight may even increase.

5. Form a habit. As you know, habit takes twenty first day of clas. In sport this term increases, if You do not every day. First you need to force yourself to overcome lazines and do: the body must adjust to the new loads and power consumption until you develop an appropriate habit.

Train with joy!