An example of aerobic exercise on a treadmill for beginners
Beginners always easy to find out from the mas of visitors gyms. They look confused and looking for a lifeline simulator, on which no clear instructions what to do —…

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Reaction of organism adaptation to physical loads
However in asesing the health status of the athlete, the physician must take into account that the morphological and functional features of an organism of athletes may differ from generally…

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The rules of the treadmill

You probably already know that whatever goal you are not persecuted in the fitnes – cardio-training needed. They are indispensable, if you want to lose weight; they need, even if you want to build muscle. Plan your exercise just enough: watch the neighbors in the fitnes room and eliminate their mistakes. To feel on the treadmill confident, just need to remember a few rules.

By cons are

insufficient training: you’ve seen people at the gym talking 

or even looking at a newspaper – they are not focused on the exercise;

excesive work: pay attention to people who spend on the treadmill for half an hour, they do not peel off with him, until finally not amateut that is absolutely pointles.

Here’s what you need for good results

Divide your cardio workout into 2 types: in one tempo and interval, the combination of which is necesary to perform a weekly basis. Training at the same pace implies Jogging for 20-30 minutes within a cardiac heart rate of 60-70% of the maximum posible for you. It is easy to calculate: subtract your age from 220. This kind of cardio to do at least 4 days a week.

High intensity interval training involves alternating acceleration and a slow pace. For example, sprint on the highest elevated treadmill for 3 minutes, then one minute rest. By the way, almost all the trainers in the cardio area has the opportunity to select a mode such training. For beginners will be enough of this type of cardio 2 times a week.Every cardio workout to Supplement your regular strength training, and you’ll get results much faster.