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How to increase strength without reducing the strength and mas

Endurance is one of the physical qualities that you want to the representatives of different sports. Together with the power it’s absolutely esential boxers, karatekas, judokas and even bodybuilders, because prolonged training with weights requires a certain stamina.

Best way to workout is running. This kind of physical activity allows you to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, which may suffer from overstrain of the representatives of power sports. But running and strength training is mutually exclusive types of physical activity. More running, les development of force and mas, and Vice versa, more strength training

– worse results in running and improving endurance.

But for many athletes it would be interesting to learn how to increase strength while maintaining mas and strength.

One rarely found in print and rarely used method of achieving this goal involves aerobic squats.

For the development of a sufficiently high level of endurance, you should include aerobic squats in workout and do them no more often than three times a week.

A fairly high level of endurance involves approximately 450 squats.

But of course such a number to perform from the start, no one will. The first stage of preparation involves the increase in the number of sit-UPS to 50 at a time. It lasts 4 to 6 weeks, depending on initial level of fitnes.

If you can confidently squat 50 times in one go, it means the beginning of the program, which will end at around 450 times.

Its simple scheme described below.

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