How to breathe correctly while running
The correct breathing while running is important not only to increase the efficiency of the physical load, but also increases your endurance. The correct breathing while running is important not…

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How to breathe correctly when Behe
The ability to organize your breathing while running is very important. Proper breathing is a science. Also taken a lot depends on the pace and distance. Usually at the start…

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After exercise, you need simple carbohydrates – Physiology

After actively playing sports, you need to recover your spent muscles of glycogen, which is the main reserve carbohydrate, located mostly in our muscles. Spent muscle glycogen begins with a shortage of glucose in the blood.

Exercise is a stres to the body, which are hormones adrenaline and

cortisol, which causes us to actively move and to strive for the best results. However, and after exercise stres hormones did not immediately cease to produce, they are still some time affect our body, forcing him to spend glycogen, thereby depleting the muscles.

Therefore, to remove herself from the stres, you need to eat sweet things. Fast carbohydrates stimulate the production of the hormone insulin, which stimulates the formation of glycogen. Slow carbs (flour, rice) does not help here, as long as they will enter the blood, the body will take the necesary amount of muscle. So you need to eat fruits, berries, chocolate.

In addition to carbohydrates after exercising the necesary proteins from their constituent amino acids depends muscle growth and restoration of physical and psychiatric.state of man after training. Again, you need not dolgosheeva meat and dairy products, nuts and legumes.

If after exercise to replenish carbohydrates and proteins in the body, the effect of exercise will be enough. Instead of build muscle mas and to speed up the metabolism, will be spent glycogen stores, and the cells do not get amino acids for regeneration.

So after 30-40 minutes after your workout you need to replenish protein and simple carbs through fruit, yogurt, milkshake.