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Since August 9, Kyiv half marathon launches series of preparatory training for the half marathon - "Charge on the run"! Every Saturday at 8:45 a.m. profesional trainers Kyiv half marathon…

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How to increase strength without reducing the strength and mas
Endurance is one of the physical qualities that you want to the representatives of different sports. Together with the power it's absolutely esential boxers, karatekas, judokas and even bodybuilders, because…

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How to build muscle the basis of female beauty

Every woman wants to be attractive. It is an axiom. Modern style involves sports smartnes and slimnes is also an axiom of fashion. Of course, you can deny the sportines in the form of a woman, but then comes to the forefront languid symmetry of the sample of the XIX century. That is, the symmetry in fashion regardles of what it is combined – with sports smartnes Mediterranean tan How dangerous tanning? or with languid pallor of high-society salons of the last century.

Well developed muscles is the basis of slender figure, and it sometimes seems surprising – almost regardles of weight. That is, slender may not be slim, but quite plump lady. But good muscles give the graceful forms and curvy figure, making it not simply slender but elegant. And the elegance of the shape is able to give the appeal of a plain face.

But most women, when it comes to well-developed muscles, focuses on the pres. Yes, of course, tightened abdominal muscles, swapped the pres is very, very important both for health and for beauty. But this is not enough.

Special complexes for women

The basis of the beauty of the female figure – the harmony. Inflated the pres and sagging shoulders, or good shape with a toned, athletic muscles and folds on the hips, “Supadance” and flat, shapeles buttocks… If you pay attention to only one, leaving without exercise more – the harmony is disturbed, and the overall result looks almost catastrophic. Only the harmonious development of all the muscles gives the figure an elegant smartnes and allows you to wear any clothes.