Cycle training for those who want to lose weight
Appeared cycle not so long ago, at the end of the last century, but immediately became very popular in view of the fact that this kind of aerobics just gives…

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Cycle each quick weight los - the online magazine
It's a real race in the gym. Cycle English "Bicycle". For half an hour you drive over rough terrain, sea, climb the mountain, will come over a few hills and…

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Use plavanie

Since the density of air is much smaller than the density of water, a person can be in the water in a horizontal position almost completely relaxed. Moreover, water is 30 times more thermally conductive than air, therefore the body consumes much more energy, even at low loads. It is estimated that a person in the water temperature of 24-25 ° With only 3-4 minutes metabolism increases by 50-70%, and energy costs in water about 2 times higher than the energy in the air when you perform the same exercises. Therefore, for overweight people swimming lesons will be particularly effective. With the improvement of swimming technique will grow and speed, and, accordingly, will increase the efficiency of training.

The beneficial effects of swimming on the performance and health is confirmed by the doctors who have studied the functionality of the human body systems during exercise in water.

First of all, there is the development and strengthening of the respiratory system, because lung capacity is increased, and the increased ventilation improves all the functions of breath. As a result, increased mobility and volume of the chest, strengthens the muscular system.

The impact on the circulatory system and the autonomic function of the body is by means of jets of the skin, caused by driving. As usual, this masage increases blood circulation and stimulates the cardiovascular system.

Because when you are in the water in a relaxed condition felt significantly les presure on the spine, it improves posture, and often significantly eases back pain, relieves spasmodic state of the muscles of the back.

Water always had a calming effect on the nervous system, relieve stres and fatigue during mental activity stimulates the brain in General and ensures the mobility of nervous proceses.

Is the hardening of the body as a whole.