Sprouted grain - useful properties and features of the germination
Wheat germ is an amazing live food Today, few people do not know about the benefits of Wheatgras, those who use it regularly, talk about the improvement of health and…

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How to breathe correctly when Behe
Why all write that the angle between the elbow and body and should be 90-110 degrees? Because otherwise the run will hurt the shoulders, and when running the extra load…

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The benefits of swimming for Zdorovya

Choosing uncomplicated and enjoyable sport that can keep all muscles toned, promote weight los and rejuvenation but also to maintain health for many years pay attention to swimming. This sport includes all of the above characteristics. The benefits of swimming for health is so great that two words to describe it simply will not succeed.

Let us consider in more detail what is the positive impact of swimming on the human body:

relieves the intervertebral discs;

improves ventilation;

smoothes and relaxes the spine;

trains all the muscles of the body and helps in forming a slim silhouette;

burns fat;

increases stamina;

helps get rid of stres and relieve nervous tension;

perfectly suitable for small children;

improves circulation;

strengthens the heart muscle;

normalizes blood presure;

helps to preserve the elasticity of blood vesels;

helps get rid of insomnia;

improves flexibility and joint mobility;

enhances immune system;

reduces the risk of diabetes and myocardial infarction;

helps to remove stres from the back muscles and spine with a sedentary lifestyle;

improves the growth of the child and strengthens the body;

improves mood.

Swimming is a sport in which there is a low risk of injury and a minimum number of contraindications. The main negative feature of swimming in the pool is much chlorine in the water, which can cause allergic reactions and modifying DNA. In order to reduce its harmful impact on the human body, not be in the pool for more than an hour and be sure to take a shower after swimming with soap or shower gel.