Art project - How to breathe while running long distances
Many recommendations are given how to breathe during fights, you can look at the answers to this question, and here is how to breathe correctly when running on short and…

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Warm up before running. Okonchaniyam to health
Run to the health of a Warm up before a run — 3 Runner, warming up over a long period of time, no advantage from the point of view of…

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The benefits of swimming in Basani

Swimming in the pool for body and soul. Everyone knows that sport affects not only physical, but also moral. Well, when you can choose one or another type of sport that is suitable for your lifestyle, to choose an optimal load and exercise should be just a joy! If you like aerobic exercise, which transform the shape, swimming is what you need!

Swimming is the most gentle sport, because the risk of injury is minimal. Swimming involves all kinds of muscles that are actively developing the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, arms, abdomen. Swimming strengthens your joints, lowers blood presure because of what was consumed the maximum

amount of oxygen the muscles. Decreases respiratory rate and increases the blood flow to the lungs, which promotes the burning of calories.

1. Increases endurance and flexibility;

2. Optimizes the balance of the muscles;

3. Figure to become graceful and slender;

4. Improves circulation;

5. Swimming is used as therapy for injuries of the muscles and joints;

6. Allows you to control the optimum weight;

7. Increases efficiency.

There are lots of different exercises in the pool . from heats to Aqua arabiki. Below is a small list of types of exercises. running in the water:

• Walking and running in water, is also useful as a casual walk on land. The maximum effect of this exercise makes the resistance of the water.

• Water yoga — smooth, quiet movement. Water for relaxation — the best medium.

• Aqua Arabica — to raise cardiovascular system.

• Water shaping — to make the muscles of the desired shape and strengthen them.

• Holding the railing at the side — do stretching exercises.

• Heats different styles.