An example of aerobic exercise on a treadmill for beginners
Beginners always easy to find out from the mas of visitors gyms. They look confused and looking for a lifeline simulator, on which no clear instructions what to do —…

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Use plavanie
Since the density of air is much smaller than the density of water, a person can be in the water in a horizontal position almost completely relaxed. Moreover, water is…

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The benefits of swimming in the pool or useful than basein

Pool — perfect replacement fitnes

Experts constantly remind us about the incredible benefits of physical activity, among the variety of sports, swimming is perfect for women. It will be especially useful to those who are experiencing problems with weight or wants to correct his posture.

Usually trips to the pool compared with aerobics, but the effectivenes of these exercises a lot more. The whole secret of this sport that to maintain our body afloat the body needs to use almost every muscle.

So, while swimming works the whole body, and cunning body fat will be

imposible to hide.

When visiting public places you can catch all sorts of diseases, such as foot fungus treatment which will be a fairly simple task, if you know what to do.

Special attention is given to the influence of swimming on the spine, thanks to the special exercises you can achieve a significant unloading of the intervertebral discs. For this reason, doctors advise children who have back problems regularly visit the pool.

During the voyage calories are burned at a breakneck pace, if you will regularly visit the pool, then you will not face even the biggest appetite. It has long been observed that profesional swimmers can consume more food than other people even though the weight they add nothing. The reason for this lies in the load, which is distributed not only on the muscles, but the bones and joints. Integrated load — this is exactly what you need to the female body, especially if you suffer from exces weight.

Another indisputable advantage of swimming is almost complete safety of the sport because of injury in the pool of water is practically imposible.