Correct running technique on a treadmill.
Master - Clases on the treadmill - Proper running technique on a treadmill Exactly how are you moving on the treadmill - is of great importance . Suffice it to…

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For the study of the musculature and the development of muscle strength of the respective projectile is a power simulator. Sitting comfortably at home, you can safely train, selecting the…

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Yoga in Zelenograd

Frequently asked questions

What is yoga?

Someone thinks that yoga is physical exercise. You are right, but yoga is not a sport! Someone thinks that yoga is the ability to sit on nails, swallow fire, flexing his body, as if no bones in it. This is partly because, with practice, many develop unusual abilities, which in this yoga are considered to be side effects, but are not the objective.

Yoga is primarily a science that is thousands of years studying the Body, Breath, Mind, Memory, Intellect, Ego and our True self. Practicing yoga,

this science opens each for himself. Yoga is a lifestyle and discipline. In order to learn something in life, you need harmony in all things and discipline. Due to this comes stability and confidence in everyday life.

The best time to practice is a time when no one bothers!

For intensive clases are better suited morning because it energizes you for the whole day. In the evening it is better to do a more lenient practices. For beginners it is easier to do at night, since the body more pliable. In any case it is better to choose the same time every day.

How often should I do it?

At what age can practice yoga?

Do I need special physical training to start doing yoga?

When you can eat/drink before and after clas?

3-4 hours before clas do not eat heavy meals. 2 hours before the leson, you can get a bite to eat. After the leson, the meal should be no earlier than 20-40 minutes.

Our club holds special clases for pregnant women in the tradition of Kundalini yoga uses gentle and meditative breathing techniques, special exercises and healing techniques We Sat Rasayanas.

Who conducts clases?