How to make my body younger – exercise are as relevant as ever
In the power of each healthy person to maintain their youth and health for many years, to make your body younger for this, we just need to move more. In…

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For the study of the musculature and the development of muscle strength of the respective projectile is a power simulator. Sitting comfortably at home, you can safely train, selecting the…

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A healthy body is a beautiful body

There is a low-residue diet, which will help in just a few days to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and decay products, and also to get rid of a couple pounds overweight. This diet will fit almost anyone to help your body rid itself of harmful substances. Because in the modern world of pollution of the body occurs not only at the expense of procesed products, but also through water and the atmosphere. Most vegetables and fruits are sprayed with pesticides, respectively, even healthy foods can contribute to the pollution of the human body with various poisons.

The dignity of beshlakovaya diet complete cleansing of the body, helps to

get rid of cellulite, which is formed due to the accumulation of toxins in the body.Also with it you can clean the internal organs, resulting in their functioning will improve. It will confirm any of the gynecology clinic. Not recommended this diet to the people, leading an active way of living, as this diet they will not have enough power to do its normal active work. Sometimes the person may suffer from headaches, it could be explained by the fact that are excreted from the body by various poisons.

Dinner – fruit salad, for example, pineapple, strawberry or strawberry.

The products are permisible in the second embodiment: boiled chicken, lean beef, vegetable broths, lean fish, cottage cheese with low fat content, jelly, compote and juice, respectively, all without sugar. All others not listed in this list of products is strictly prohibited.